Returning Player


I have decided to come back to Orbus :slight_smile:
I have been trying to be more active and I enjoy games, so this is a good compromise for me right now. I enjoyed the game when I played it, however I never really got to know anyone in game and felt pretty alone while leveling. Some quests were exceptionally difficult without a group (screw you donkey cart!)

I am probably going to start my character over, as I didn’t get too terribly far and would like to re emmerse myself into the game and it’s quests. I am thinking Musketeer again for my first toon, but I was curious as to how end game is for them from a solo perspective, as well as how needed are they in general. Are there too many? are there too few? does it even matter :confused: ? lol


The end game content is great and is getting better all the time, I don’t have the experience from a solo perspective, however I am certain the game is better when you join a guild or play with people you know. Every class is needed, there really isn’t a class that is oversaturated at the moment.


Not sure what you mean with solo perspective because the end-game content is for groups, there are few other activities left like farming or perhaps doing the mage tournament, even pvp is likely not good when you are alone. Once you are 20 I’d recommend joining a guild in your timezone or if you want to be more flexible look for groups on the discord.
As for too few or too many musketeers, from my experience it is not good to only level a musketeer, there is nothing wrong with it but there is only one needed in a group and lots of people play this class since it’s the least physically challenging. On the other hand of course there is also sometimes a healer missing and then it’s good to be able to jump in.
The most wanted class - again from my perspective - is the dmg dealers (perhaps good mages even more than rangers), simply because there are 3 needed per group and only 1 tank and 1 healer. So I’d recommend leveling at least a mage or ranger class, additionally, to be more flexible. Also a dmg class to switch to speeds up your farming a great deal.


That is true, but all classes are used and musketeer is one of the easier but less eventful for solo leveling. I consider focusing on one class get it level 20, then decide for end game content we do need every class we are always looking for people honestly I think warrior is the hardest for end game content because you only need 1 or 2 for raid/shard content. So ye if your solo farming overall the best choice would be your preference in play style, I guarantee that any class you level will most likely find you a spot in end game content.


I haven’t read all the replies yet but i will clairify… Will i be able to effectivly farm and defend myself from npcs.

I inderstand it’s a multiplayer game. I am just also aware the game peaks at about 120 ppl online. So id like to play the most self sufficient of the bunch because there is not a large population for the game yet


So your asking will you be able to farm and survive fighting to level 20. If so then yes solo farming is possible but it could be a bit faster with another person but ye if you know how you can efficiently solo farm to level 20 easy but time consuming


ok cool thanks, this is all i really wanted to know. Which i got from the first reply.

I am aware the game is very group oriented, i just also know finding groups while the population is still growing, can be difficult at times, plus due to the times that i typically play, i am often alone.


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