Reward chest inventory management (pain.mp4) + inventory management in general

Can we have an “Open all” option for the standard reward chests from mission completion and event completion please?

Currently its a pain, personally I try to complete all my 25 daily missions in bulk and opening each individually then breaking down each item takes too long.

So can we get a mass break down mechanic or some kind of better way to do this than click item, click break down, click confirm?

Also the auto sort moves harvestables but not all things so some of the issue is still there. Pots and shards aren’t auto sorted but that’s good. However dyes aren’t either and they are annoying to organise especially when your trying to organise similiar colour or primary vs secondary.

So if dyes could be added to the “deposit ingredients” button that would be great.

I recorded the process to try show the annoyances. I would like to think I’m fairly efficient at this but it still takes a while and I find there is 0 fun to it.


  • Make mass open reward chests button
  • Make mass break down button
  • Make dyes auto sort button into player chest

so i dont have to break down everything i walk around highsteppe and find a low level and tell them to go to pvp and go outside highsteppe so i can die and pick up all my stuff it seems very sketchy for most people and i cant blame them but i do give them the stuff for free lol

One suggestion I’ve head a lot that I really like is just being able to trash the boxes instead of opening them. I think it would help a lot with inventory management, and it might not be super hard to implement.

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