Reward for Ice Lance and Arcane Missiles Spells Pillar

I’m looking for the arcane missile spell pillars. I am prepared to give the following reward for information of the whereabouts of this spell pillar.


30,000 dram
20 runemage reagents
2 empowered strike potion

Please don’t post it in the forums as we don’t want to give spoilers. Just PM me where they are, once verified I will give you the prize. The first person that gives me each one will get the prize.


I found ice lance. The last one is arcane missiles spell pillar.

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I updated the reward.

The only thing preventing me from searching, is the fact that the reward will be useless in two days… :confused:

can we redeem the reward once EA starts?

lol, where am I going to get that kind of dram once EA starts?

spend the headstart farming bass and queens ear, and then sell it using ur stall to the people on those quests, wish i could do it but i wont have a stall like u

lol, I will tell you where all the other spell pillars are.

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