Rewards for Dung Queuing



Has there been any additional insight or thought put into giving random dung completion rewards? I’m asking because every time I launch the game I jump into the queue and rarely if ever actually get a group going.

I have quests for both the Rainforest and Desert dungeons and I would have liked to be able to complete them using the random queue, but without incentives people do not enter the queue.


If you want I could help you with both, I got a 20 tank and mage so it won’t be too hard!


Ya, if you need help just let me know I would be down to help as I solo those dungens for reagents it’s not to hard. To answer the question though the devs said they are working on something but as for updates we haven’t gotten any in a while.


If devs could squeeze in a minute I think even a dram reward apt for level 20s would be an incentive joining the normal queue. Or perhaps drops like those you normally only get in the wilds, for transmog? I loved the queue, and regret it’s so empty lately.


I would be down to run for around 300 dram per or maybe 1 in 100 runs has a chance to drop a t1 lego would be cool for the transmog


The devs stated they were looking at adding it roughly two weeks after the queue was added. I made this post mostly to remind them that, I and maybe we, would like to see this still added.


Hey guys, I hear you on this. Unfortunately with Reborn and the first beta weekend coming up soon, priority on this went way down the list. Fortunately, you will see a taste of one of our new systems that will be used as rewards for doing various activities in Orbus during the beta weekend.

I do still hope to find time to throw something of a reward in for the queues before Reborn comes out, but I’m not quite sure on the time frame for it.


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