Rewards link problem

How do i know if i got my rewards linked? I cant see like Epic Founder on older posts that i made.

If you go on your profile it should show your group as epic founder (which it isn’t currently). Did you do the survey that was sent out to link your account?

See this post: Kickstarter Rewards Linked

If you just filled out the survey you’ll have to wait until I run the linking process again later today. You’ll get an email letting you know when it works.

I received an email which ensured that my rewards were linked successfully. I dont know how this happened.

I just checked and it looks like you’re all set up for Alpha access, but your forum account just hasn’t updated yet. If you logout (in the top-right corner) then go back to the main site and click on the Community Forums link it should re-link your forum account to your OrbusVR account and give you the forum badge. If that doesn’t fix it let me know and I can fix it manually.


Et voilà!
Thank you :smiley: