Rezoning teleports under map

When leaving the level 8 dungeon I had a party member teleport under the map near highsteppe and I was teleported under the map when leaving my house in highsteppe.

We’re still working on tracking down this bug, sorry. If it happens to you a quick re-log should fix it.

I am consistently falling through the map when leaving the New Kingsport ‘forest’ house. Also about 3/10 times when leaving a dungeon. Never when entering. Playing seated from UK fwiw. No lag in game generally, though.

Remain under map after re-logging - have to graveyard all the time. Burns through my pocket money :frowning:

Did this still happen with the latest steam version? I know this bug and had to suffer from it too, but it did not happens to me again with the latest update

Yes, still happening 100% when leaving New Kingsport house. Have just sold up to move to desert - will post if the void continues to beckon.

Okay, sorry about that. I haven’t heard of this happening to Player Houses, just between other instances like the dungeon, so I wonder if this is a different bug.

Are you on Rift or Vive? And do you use teleport or slide locomotion?

Also, when it’s happening, just be sure, are you waiting like 30 seconds to see if it eventually corrects itself? I only ask because for me what happens is I leave the dungeon, then I see myself get teleported, then it goes black, then when it fades in I may be in the wrong spot for like 10 seconds then it fixes itself and I’m in the right spot. We need to have it stay faded out longer for sure, but just making sure there might not just be some longer delay for you or something.

It is interesting that you’re ending up under the map after re-logging, though, as I would think that would fix it if you re-logged if it was the same as the previous bug.

On vive, decent PC - no other issues. Always slide unless bravely running away.
Just logged out after it happened leaving the Highsteppe house too. Highsteppe was fine until today.

30 seconds is a long time in the upside down but I will try it out. I do get that slight lag and a screen update after zoning. Usually only takes a few seconds. Zone transitions are fine too, takes a while to populate sometimes but I guess that’s not just me.

I appreciate this is not a common bug so I can deal with it for now. By all means focus on the needs of the many - still enjoying this ground-breaking game. Thanks Riley and team.


No worries, thanks for the kind words! And I think this is a pretty big issue haha :slight_smile:

So since you can reliably replicate it, can you just go exit the house and if it happens, then turn off the game (the whole program) and send me your Output Log from here:

(Steam Library Folder)/steamapps/common/OrbusVR/vrclient_Data/output_log.txt

You can PM me the contents on here or just email it to as an attachment, whichever you prefer.


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Seems like the forum doesn’t like txt attachments on PM’s so have just emailed.

Signing off for the night - thanks for taking the time.

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