Rift arriving in a few days, looking for tips, hitns and friends!


Hey there! I feel like the title is very self-explanatory, but my Oculus Rift should be arriving in a few days, so I was hoping to gain some hints, tips and such from here before I start playing!
Anything would be greatly appreciated!

Generally in MMO’s I enjoy playing any class, but I’ve always been a fan of buffing, debuffing, healing and dps!

Also, I’m situated in an EU timezone (Norway, specifically), and I was hoping I could get in touch with an English speaking group of players in similar timezones? Maybe some players I could join or anything?



Biggest pieces of advice are to play through the tutorial, be patient, ask questions, and try different classes. Orbus has a bit of a learning curve and while it’s absolutely unquestionably worth it, a lot of new players get frustrated when its not instant…


Agreeing with points from Draven, It does take sometime to get to the endgame game stuff for a new player! However the content at Endgame is Challenging, Fun and enough to keep you busy enjoying it for days.


thank you both for the replies!
I’m definitely planning on taking my time and getting used to things. After playing on an EverQuest timelocked server, I was forced to adapt to doing that and now I can’t NOT do that haha!
So I’ll take my time and enjoy myself, for sure!


Also, if it is your first time in VR, download and fool around with some of the free titles first, both apps and games. Get your virtual legs so to speak (aka motion sickness resistance).

Some people are immediately “resistant”, some need a few hours, and then some have limitations on how and what type of content they can consume and what movement scheme they can use without ill effects.

Once you have your “legs”, it will be much easier for you to immerse yourself in Orbus :slight_smile:


awesome, I’ll keep that in mind! thanks!