Rift on steam: cut scenes going to default audio

This is incredibly minor, as far as bugs go. However, it did cause me to miss out on a few movies before I realized what happened (as in, the execution scene is the first I was able to watch).

What I found is that the cut scenes/movies are playing the audio to my default audio device rather than my rift audio. Since I leave headphones plugged in, it’s going to those headphones (making it inaudible from several feet away).

I’m playing on a rift bought on steam, if that makes a difference.

Oh, and the obvious workaround is to make the rift my default audio device when I’m playing on it.

That is strange, I wonder why it’s using a different audio channel than any other audio in the game. I will look into that.

I find this on quite a few steam games, sometimes the sound comes out of a random source other times through the rift. It’s been a problem since the new Oculus Home release.

Latest purchase is Orbus and that seems to do it too.

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Just want to point out that Ive had this issue ever since they adjusted how videos are played last week. Im not using steam or home 2.0 FWIW.


This will be fixed in today’s patch. Thanks!


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