Rocket Mount Colors


I like the model for the rocket mount but the color scheme is really dull and boring. I’d like to be able to apply dies to it and other mounts too. Also some particle effects in the exhaust would be really cool.


Yaaa I really like the model but when I saw it the first time ingame I was like 'urgh ugly grey and just boring’to dye the mounts would be sooo great!


also with all these new mounts it should really be moved to a transmog system so you don’t fill up your chest with mounts.


Yes yes and more yes! Dyeble rocket mount and transmogable mount to save space! please make this a thing!


I was rather shocked to see how it looked. The slightest bit of color would have made a massive difference. WIthout any particle effects and the bland rusted/cardboard look it’s pretty gnarly looking.

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Could totally do major dye for the base of the mount and accent for the tip and end, would be sweet!


I agree!! It would be super cool to personalize the rocket mounts !

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i agree, being able to dye mounts :grinning: but being able to dye mounts and weapons :heart_eyes_cat:


yesss , mounts and weapons … maybe tools …maybe.