Rogue/Monk/Burglar/Assassin Class

I just wanted to reach out and ask if there are any plans for adding a fast paces Rogue-ish class to this game. As i always play those classes and have a hard time playing other classes : / I love this game and would love to see it grow into a big VR mmo in the future!
I know that the kickstarter stretch goal didn’t reach that milestone to add more classes to the game, but please, i feel like a Rogue class is core to all rpg games. Please concider adding one! Sorry for bad english!

This post getting deleted? Why?
Already explained it somewhere?

Not sure what Valikron said, but the general talk is a new class won’t be introduced until a year after release with the first full expansion. (Which should have the same amount of content as the base game +some). The wiki has a page on potential new classes based on what the developers have given hints towards. There has been talk of maybe giving current classes alternate weapons like dual wielding for the warrior, but that also wouldn’t be introduced until after early access. I believe there’s a thread on the forum about new classes/potential alternate weapons that’s an interesting read if you can find it. Short answer: no rogue class but maybe Monk but not for a long time

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Dear Joel_C,

Unfortunately it is unlikely that another class will be introduced until after launch. During the kickstarter we failed to reach the milestone of another added class, during then we were told that another class may come, but only after the game is already in a “stable” condition.
(The following is purely my opinion, I am not affiliated with the dev team on orbus, so this might be wrong)
Even if we will have another class it is very unlikely that rogue will be that one. Most people want something similar to a healing spellcaster (like priest) which also seems easier to fit into the world. Rogues use daggers (which is short ranged) which would be very awkward to use in combat. Also it would be another purely DPS class and something along the lines of another healer or off-tank (like a berserker) would create more diversity to choose from for roles. In the end though, you never know. If there is a heavy demand for it, knowing Riley and the others they might just make it work. For now though your best bet is to just become comfortable with one of the existing classes :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the answers guys! Good to get a nice respone! :slight_smile:
I understand we didnt make the milestone, i just think they should add a new kickstarter only for new classes and see if people wanna help reach those goals, if we reach it this time they can make them ^^
But still, the game looks awesome, and i missed this latest alpha. but can’t wait til the next one comes up! :slight_smile:
Maybe i change my mind when i try the game out!

I will read the information you provided and see what they have said! thanks again!

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