Rune mage turning

Anyone else have an issue where you can’t turn when you have your wand out? Like I have my controller set to strafe with left controller and turn with right, I can’t actually turn when I have my wand out I’ve had to put it away turn and take it back out. Right now my VR set up prevents me from turning too much so I really rely on this feature

Yep, been that way forever :cry:.

The developers are aware of this too (pretty sure) as it’s been reported before. Not sure why it only affects wands. Have a feeling you’ll see it go away in a future patch note :wink:

I play a runemage and I’ve never had this happen. Mine is Oculus Store.

I’m on Oculus Rift. I cannot move with my wand hand, but I can however turn with it. To compensate I utilize my other controller for moving around.

Yeah I’m using a Vive, might only be an issue on vive

Yeah if you have a Vive, use right hand or both hand turn in loco settings, turn is disabled (on the wand hand) with wand whipped out.

With my current set up I can’t have that setting as I use left hand for movement and right to turn.

I do too, and sadly you have to bag your wand to turn. Sucks!

So on Vive I’m not sure of the best way to solve this problem. The best I could probably do is allow it but with a delay…so when you touch the trackpad, it waits for 0.5 seconds to see if you are doing an actual “push” of the button, if not you start sliding. Because I’ve tested it with it on all the time, and what happens is every time you try to cast a spell you slide around a little, which is bad.


I think that’d work great!

That, or you could check another key binding instead. Any reason why it couldn’t be the grip key to cast spells instead of the trackpad? It seems unused when a weapon is equipped, except to stow it.

I can see where that would cause issues, after thinking about it I think not being able to turn isn’t so bad, just have to stow the wand anyways.

When you put away your wand, you lose your super progression.

You don’t lose your ultimate by putting your wand behind your back. If you mean switch weapons, then yeah but stowing it doesn’t erase the ultimate.

I think the other poster’s suggestion about being able to cast with grip is spot on. As an alternative, having the .5 second delay thing would work fine too. I’ve put hours into this game and after a while it’s nice to sit down and play with rotation, and I’m sure I’m not alone in this, so having an option to do so while continuing to play/cast is paramount to playing the class long-term.

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