Runemage Additional Option: Show Spell Paths while in party

After attending a class on the Runemage, one thing became painfully obvious: it’s kind of hard to learn things that require visuals if you can’t actually see them. While I understand why the developers don’t want the spell trails to be shown at all times to everyone (lest we begin the Runemage graffiti apocalypse in Highsteppe), there is one idea our group came up with as a suggestion:

Allow spell trails of runemages to be visible whilst in a party as a togglable option

This can be made as a fresh new option akin to the ability to hide player hats and what not under graphics in the event you’re a paladin and have no care to what artistic work your runemage is doing. This would allow runemages the ability to learn (shocker) from other runemages more easily, since now they can actually see, from their own perspective, what the drawing actually looks like.

Someone found a new shortcut, but isn’t really tech savvy enough to know how to take a screenshot? Invite to a party and take a look. Want to go on a graffiti run around Highsteppe? Go for it! Want to host a class and see what abominations of spells the students are doing? Let it be! This simple option could really help out and was suggested over 3 years ago, but hopefully asking for it as a party graphical option may give it some better hope of integration.

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There was also another idea tossed around about having a “teachers wand” that could have the same effect. Don’t remember how fleshed out it got because of headset/graphical limitations but I think it ties into your idea but just in a weapon form but that seems a bit more practical since it requires a party to be formed and an option enabled.

A lot of people also use discord with the game even on quest because of the audio issues. So most are at least good enough with tech to get that working in most cases so people can stream their view on discord. While it isn’t something within the game itself it is what is done as of right now.


Well, I just looked into getting my Quest to run Discord, and while audio listening works, the microphone is a whole other story. Unless you mean someone is using a phone app in conjunction with the audio from the Quest, I could maybe see that, but otherwise I am done doing ADB wizardry to get it to work (and no amount of Google searching came up with anything).

On PC, this obviously isn’t an issue, but the thing is not everyone also uses Discord (in fact, half of my group doesn’t and the video streaming function does NOT work on browser).

I thought about the idea of a teacher’s wand as well, that does like 0 damage or whatever (so that using it in busy areas isn’t helpful), but that’s another item you’d have to carry (unless the idea behind it was that its trails are visible, but decay quickly).