Runemage Change Proposal/Idea to add a book for saving spells


Add a book to runemages where you can store X number of spells in order to use in battle.

Lets say you like using runemage (because magic duh) but you are kinda mediocre with casting, and even with a 50% success rate you still die very easy in a battle because of the sorta low damage of level 1-2 spells, along with the added stress of casting in a battle, wouldnt you like to have a way of charging up something that would give you the spell, instead of drawing it over and over to fail and die?

My suggestion would be a way of drawing up runes that you can save somewhere (book) where you can later on remove from the book or whatever, to instantly have the spell available.

Idea: you are prepping in your house for a battle, getting your potions ready, and your gear ready, and you can draw 5 runes and save in your notebook for the fight ahead, something like a lv 3 fire, a level 2 affliction, and the rest lv 3 frost, which you can quickly use on a boss, once the boss has been taken down, your team can clear out trash as you stay behind drawing more spells to add to your book for the next battle.

I think this is cool, but I would love to hear what the community has to say about something like this.


I thought at first this was something about saving runes to the book like the mage tutorial talks about. However this would break runemage at high levels where mages have a high cast rate. It could make mage spread even more broken as you can spread every true affliction dot twice within a few seconds with no casting and then a third time with one spell. Raid enemies can be killed with 2 or 3 spread of the affliction 2, frost, and fire dots. In many cases this spread is enough to either kill or severely wound a group of enemies. I get why this would be a good edition for lower level mages, however using it gives a huge starting advantage when it comes to spread as they would be able to cast quicker and therefore dots have more time to tick damage on enemies. This however would be one of its only uses at high levels as many mages at high levels when it comes to the main damage dealing moves of fireball and frost 2 are casting so fast that there is a tiny sliver of room to improve in speed, even with most high level mages operating at nearly peak performance. I view this type of mechanic would further put mages ahead in areas that rangers have no say in. This and it lowers the skill ceiling as you can enter any combat with 5 spells in a book and a 6th spell prepped on the wand. I have heard this kind of idea a while ago and this would not be a good edition to the game in the long run. Runemage is supposed to be hard so practice the spells and then you are fine.

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Runemage is mean’t to be a class that you have to put hours of work into to be good at it. It is the highest output DPS class just because the more you practice the better you get at casting the spells. There really shouldn’t be any shortcuts to mastering the runemage class besides the actual shortcuts for doing spells (that you still have to practice).


I like runemages just as they are. Improvements could be nade to the detection system for sure, but I love the way the class was designed. Best pure caster ever.

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Well put. A change that is being proposed would further split mages vs rangers. Just like Gix said below, best pure caster. I, along with hundreds of other mages had to put tons of work into casting and that is why I love this class so much. People can’t just pick it up and be amazing.

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