Runemage Changes in Reborn


So, as I have seen, there are no current changes to the Runemage class, nor the other base classes of course. I was wondering if there was a plan for making the drawing of spells more balanced, which sounds stupid now that I’m writing it. The only suggestions I got in the original game was to “spend hours practicing”. However, as I’m sure most of use have either jobs or school, that does not seem to be much of an option.


I found that after a week of not playing I could no longer cast the most basic spells, and went back to OG Orbus and was casting them fine. It seems the detection has changed to be more precise meaning harder to cast.


We haven’t changed anything with regards to the Runemage casting in the beta, so if anything was affecting the difficulty it had to be something accidental or unrelated. Perhaps the shape of the wand in the Beta made it more difficult.

For the original question, we do have plans to revisit the current classes and seeing what we could improve, but I don’t think we would change anything as fundamental as that about it, especially since you’ll now have even more classes to choose from (and more than one type of mage at the very least, with Shaman.)


I found casting to be a lot smoother and nicer, much more successful for me on the beta


I found casting to be about the same. I can’t say I particularly like the big scull that looked like a hood ornament for a hearse or the munsters car.


in europe there are problems with drawing too.
i think the problem here is the high latenz that makes it very difficult to play this class


Rune Mage main since the last alpha last summer here. :wink:
I was having a terrible time casting Friday evening. I think it was Fri night’s very high latency (I was getting spikes pushing over 800ms and red warnings over my XP bar).
By Sunday evening casting seemed as normal as the live/main game.


Casting felt smooth. As for changes to spell structure with how you draw? Definitely would not want that.


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