Runemage damage spells

Is there any reason to use anything else apart from tier2 frostbolt + icelance x2 to dps atm?

Also, is icelance has shorter range or I need better aiming? :slight_smile:

Depends in what situation ur in. Are u in a party? Are you to low level? Are u to high level? Maby DOT on in one mob while u down Another? Depending on ur awnser i would use Frost2 icelance Arcane blast pushback afliction. Acordingly.


If your in a group with at least 3 rune mages affliction lv 2 is also a good call

Btw, do affliction debuffs stack? Or tier1 and tier2? If not, what happens if mob has affliction2 and you hit it with affliction 1?
Im not fast enough with dots to test it yet :frowning:

You can have 3 affliction spells stacking at the same time

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