Runemage fireball 1&2 question

Is there any difference between fireball I and fireball 2? I was testing them on the lower training dummy in Highsteppe yesterday and got similar numbers for both, plus they would go the same distance and had the same speed. I’m level 5 with a 31 wand. Was getting 56 normally for both fireball 1&2.

Something is definitely wonky there. It sounds like you were casting the same spell somehow.

I can confirm a definite, noticeable difference in projectile speed and shot distance between 1 & 2 with 1 travelling farther, faster. I use it and Frost 1 as my goto pull-that-mob-way-back-there spells.

As for damage, I’m almost positive that 2 does more damage than 1, but I haven’t really compared the numbers in a while.

Hmm. I’m using the h from Tinney’s cave and the other symbol who’s rune pillar has Frostbolt 3 on the top of it. (Trying to keep it spoiler free) I’ll try it again tonight when I’m off work. and I’ll have a friend try it too.

Ok, if you round the bottom of the symbol for fireball 2 it casts as fireball 1. Make it very angular and it casts as fireball 2. Which did 106 damage instead of the 60.
Thank you for the sanity check



Riley, I am going to keep this post alive, I have video of fireball 1 coming from drawing Fireball 2, but getting a perfect cast.

See here Fireball bugged

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There was a discussion a few days ago (although I don’t have the link handy) about Fireball 1 and 2 looking nearly identical…so it’s kinda hard to tell if it’s just hard to tell the difference or what’s going on. It’s also possible that the tracking is too loose between them. I will look into it tomorrow and see if I can sort through what’s happening.


I feel like my issue as seen in the video, is the spacing for the B is too high. Granted, I don’t think that should necessarily cause it to cast F1, but I do get it if that is the case, seeing how the rune for F1 is shaped.

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