Runemage for Alpha 5.19

@Riley_D I believe you mentioned you would be redoing some of the Runemage spell drawings. Are you going to rework the drawings all of the spells again or just certain ones? Any insight would be greatly appreciated as I would like to know which ones not to cast for next Alpha if the drawings of them are going to be changed.

I did some poking back through the alpha and runemage hype threads and I don’t believe Riley has any intention of reworking the runes again. They should all be in their final forms unless something totally bizarre happens.

What I think he does intend to do before the next test is to retrain the rune matching algorithm for the portal and resurrection runes so they are more distinct and so the correct portal runes take you to the right places.

This is just what I was able to gather. Maybe that has changed since and I missed the post.

That’s what I saw too, but just wanted more clarification to be sure.

The only ones that I’m considering re-doing at all are the ones for the first step in the Portal and Resurrection Rituals, and I will only be doing that if tightening up the recognition tuning doesn’t fix the problem where it was confusing them. The rest I think are fine as-is.

I’m still not totally sure what the Level 2 and Level 3 runes are for all the spells, though, but you guys haven’t seen any of those yet anyway so I don’t think that should affect anything :slight_smile:

When I say that I might need to re-do a rune, what I mean is re-doing the actual input process for the recognition software…basically giving it more varied data to work with so it accepts more variations of the way the rune is drawn as acceptable. And if I do that, it would only cause it to accept additional variations, so if you practice from here on out and start developing muscle memory and are successful at casting them, nothing I’m doing going forward would negatively affect you. It would only help people who are having trouble getting the runes to cast.

But yeah the actual shape of the rune and what you’re supposed to draw won’t be changing for any of the runes you’ve seen so far other than maybe those ritual ones.


Thanks @Riley_D. I appreciate the update.

Are you indirectly giving away that you are using a convolutional neural network to recognize what rune is being cast? That is cool! :slight_smile:

Probably speculating to much here :stuck_out_tongue:

(I am actually really curious to the underlying algorithm you are using to determine what spell is being cast)