Runemage issues, please fix for reborn


currently there are a lot of issues with the runemage due to server lag, bugs, performance, etc.
I’ve recorded a few of them please feel free to add any other issues you’ve had.

the game can freeze for a second while you’re drawing spells:

there is always a bit of delay from casting the spell to it actually appearing, sometimes it’s not that bad and sometimes it takes multiple seconds.

every now and then you’ll have spells freeze or straight up disappear mid flight:

one of the most annoying things it when you cast a spell and literally nothing happens, not even a pop, the line just disappears.

this one I’ve never had before and I have no clue what caused it, but I thought I’d include it anyway. the spells started being guided by my room direction instead of my left hand:

please get these issues fixed for reborn, on a bad night with a lot of issues makes playing runemage extremely frustrating and not fun at all.


Hi, just out of curiosity, from personal experience how many of these have you experienced on the Reborn betas? Just to give kind of an idea if they are still happening on that version.


might be worth spreadsheeting each issue as individual rows so a few of us playing RM can report on them in columns per person as to whether or not we get the issues (just an idea).


the game freezing for a sec messing up your spell still happens, spell delay is still a thing tho I can’t remember if I had any extreme cases like the the ones i recorded, spells disappearing or freezing mid air I don’t think I experienced in the beta and I think I had a few spells do nothing.

I’ll pay a bit more attention during the next beta and note down what issues I experience.


I second J’s idea to help us keep an organized track with this next beta.

Edit: I’d also like a spreadsheet detailing when the in game mic cuts out to try to really chase that down. While it seemed to happen less often in Reborn, it still happened.


all these issues are still happening in the reborn beta atm. feels like it’s happening even more as well.


They shouldn’t be happening any more in Reborn, but we also haven’t done the things I’m planning to do to make them better yet either. So stay tuned on that.


I’ve seen this myself. I get a brief freeze when my fireball explodes on the enemy in combat, which stops the tracking and messes up my next spell. I’ve found that switching the game to my ssd, and lowering the quality to standard helps a lot, but doesn’t eliminate the issue.


I wish My shield would stop braking every 30 minutes in reborn lol. but yeah, the mage issue is pretty annoying. I think it’s a connection issue though.


The cause of the shield braking is dying. So don’t die XD (which I am incredibly bad in)