Runemage needs healing

All the magic caster enemy’s have healing spells but runemages don’t have healing.
I think the cure magic spell should be able to be used by mages too

I’m a solo mage like it’s basically nearly impossible without healing


Mage is not a support class. Mage is DPS. The healing should be done by support classes.


There is mana shield and de-curse and on top of that a runemage can resurrect outside combat. There should be a healer in every dungeon and maybe two in a raid so I don’t think a healing spell is missing. Think of a runemage as a battle mage.

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Also have you not seen the mages that actually practice their craft? Some of these people cast more times than i count in a second. lets be real, the mage is squishy, but like, glass cannon squishy. as long as you strike first there’s a distinct possibility the enemies wont even hit you.

*practice required for above

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As others have said, mage is DPS, not support. It’s also already a very versatile class (decurse stops poison and you can decurse yourself, the interrupt for the class is not on a cooldown, etc.). I can’t see them adding any more functionality to mage. :upside_down_face:

Solo mage is 100% possible as long as you don’t aggro multiple mobs at the same time and aren’t trying to kill things that are really high level as compared to you. :upside_down_face:

Either get the level 5 Lend a Hand talent, or practice drawing really small so you can have multiple spells in the air at the same time.

My rotation for solo kills (while standing as far away as possible) is: Frost2, +/- Affliction2, Fire2, Fire2, Pushback, Fire2, Fire2, Fire2, [panic], F2, F2,… etc.

I’m not a super fast caster, but with that rotation I can usually get most mobs to almost 0 before they reach me. (Oh, and the chicken spell that I can never remember the name of is super useful for breaking up two-mob groups or getting away if you bite off more than you can chew. Gotta be able to panic cast it though! :grin:)


The chicken spell is polymorph.

Like people have said the mage is a dps class, and once you get good enough through practice and sheer dedication, you can quite literally wipe out mob groups quite easily tbh, and if you would like some help learning quick ways to cast or ways to deal with groups faster hit me up and i could help ya get better at it, nothing is “impossible” without healing. Giving mage a heal as well would be quite problematic such as you see how fast we cast all the other spells imagine someone able to spam heals and they will never die would kill the class balancing completely

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High end mages would replace healers if this happened. NO to healing spells mage is only a DPS class

As much as I would love to be even more overpowered with a healing spell, I have to agree that mage is a dps and there would be no point in the healer class if mage could heal.