Runemage Pushback suggestion

To get the pushback more frequently used in a party ( even trigger people to learn pushback lvl2) might be to add a hate reduction to it aswell?

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I like this idea. Aggro dropping spells are pretty normal in MMOs, and it’d add something else to keep track of.

I worry that this would just further cement runemages as having way more abilities than other classes though.

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I don’t feel rune mages have any advantages of their arselan of spells. The reason why I feel this would bring more balance to the rune mage would be that we actually have to use more in our spell rotation. Most mages stick to 2 - 3 spells tops.
Musketeers have a whole bunch of orbs, Rangers have different type of arrows and consistant dmg ( I fizzle alot! :wink: ). Granted that Rangers should get something similar though, But I have 0 experience as Ranger, so I don’t know really how it could be done.

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