Runemage Spell Idea

Hello everyone!
I believe it would be a good idea if there was 3 tiers of wands. Level 1-cast level one spells, level 2-cast level 1&2 spells, and level 3 would cast all spells. This would allow for a more fun progression instead of looking up spells and blowing enemies up early. It’s fun to practice spells in the town with everyone, but I believe that this would be beneficial. Thank you!

I like it how it is currently.

If anything, I would suggest a grid appear during rune drawing.


I would be ok with personal runes. So that others cannot “share”, but i like being able to find more powerful spells by practicing drawing different shapes.

Just my opinion, though!

It’s awesome. I’m just not sure that it’s “fair” for a level 1 runemage to cast a level 2 or 3 spell from looking it up.

Considering the soft cap on gear stats and the steep learning curve of mages, if they can cast it then by all means let them cast it.

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