Runemage spell (shown) suggestion

So like a lot of people trying to learn spells and wondering why we can’t see what others are drawing it finally hit me as to why they did it this way. I’m sure people would be drawing all kinds of vulgar language and pictures is the reason for this. SO, that being said how about if when a Runemage successfully draws the spell and hits the button to enter it the people around see a flash of what the spell looks like as it’s being put to the wand. (if that makes sense). This will allow people who have mastered the spell to help train us noobs instead of playing the invisible charades game. :smiley: (it’s a birdhouse with an X on it with a big circle in the roof!)



The best ya i have been able to teach people is if they stand in my body and can watch me draw form my point of view. You can get a pretty good idea that way


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