Runemage steam oculus


hi am haven trouble with runemage am on oculus rift but am seeing ppl using the vive and they can do spell’s easyer then me. if l copy them mine will not work
am not sure if this is just me being crap or if it’s a touch vs wand or even that am using oculus rift and playing on steam if anyone has the same trouble or a work around pls help plus l’ll cast a spell 20 time and it will work then l’ll cast it the same way and fail ever time is this a tracking issue
am using 3 sensor’s


it just takes a lot of practice, I’ve played on both oculus and vive, there is no difference in difficulty. it’s just as hard on both.


I find Oculus aiming way too high in comparispn to vive. :man_shrugging: but yoy always can get used to that.


I don’t know if it’s the same in reborn, but in OG spell directing and hand positioning on oculus was completely different depending on whether you ran it through oculus SDK or steamVR. when run through steamVR the spells were aimed way too high compared to when only running it through oculus.


yea l think it’s to do with oculus rift runing tho steamvr but l got the game before it came to the rift and sorry but not buying it again so it may be a game braker for me.


no, it just takes practice


has nothing to do with spell detection, just how the spells follow your hand after being cast. also you can run it through oculus SDK without steamVR if you have it on steam


Unless you have specifically modified the game in Steam to load SteamVR (which you would know if you did, it’s an advanced setting you have to change), then what he’s mentioning wouldn’t apply to you.


I’m on Rift, but have the game on steam. Runs through oculus SDK like they said. I’m a mage, and I have no problems with spells.

It’s 100% a practice thing. Make sure your headset orientation is straight forward (since that affects spell detection) , and the spell proportions are correct.


do l do that by just reseting review in oculus menu ??


I think that he means while you are casting be sure that your head is straight. Try not to move your head around while you are drawing.

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