Runemage: which are the current spells?

Friday will be my first time in game in a while so I was reading up. I’ve come across two different sets of spell casting and I’m curious as to which I should be paying attention to, the wiki or the forums?


Several spells are very different…
Thanks! Looking forward to playing!

The wiki should always be the latest info (and in this case, it is!)


Might not be the best place for this feedback - but for some reason I cannot post in the feedback thread for test 7.
Just booted, was super hyped to get back into the game and play Runemage again - seems thats not an option however, ass the class is locked until you do ‘X’

Gutted :frowning:
I just wanna mage, lol.
I have a short amount of time and the other classes don’t really interest me, why is mage the only class not available from the start?
Just curious, seems odd. I understand the idea - find the witch, learn the magic.
So why not - find the ranger, learn archery, find the gunner etc etc - and have you start with nothing.
Just seems strange having only the one class locked like this.

Why make me play with classes i’m not into - just until I find the witch, complete the quests - and then switch for good?

Sorry about that, yeah I will update the permissions on that thread.

We did that because for two reasons:

  1. From a lore standpoint, being a Runemage is not something that your average person in-town would teach you about. So it didn’t make sense for Guardian Bart to teach you about this forbidden magic that no ‘respectable’ person would be involved with.

  2. From a gameplay standpoint, the Runemage class is by far the hardest class to play. Typically it takes people an hour or two of solid practice to be as proficient as you can be with a bow right away in terms of being able to kill stuff and not die. So we didn’t want new people to the game who didn’t know that going in trying to play that class and getting frustrated and thinking the whole game is broken (this actually happened in previous testing, so we are not being paranoid here). Instead we figured by making spend an hour to get the Runemage you should hopefully be introduced enough to the other game mechanics that you are willing to ‘trust us’ and play the Runemage until you actually get good at it.

That said, if you really have a time crunch and just don’t have the time to do the quest, I can give you a wand for this test if you want.

EDIT: You should be able to post in the other thread now.

No probs Riley - appreciate it. But focus on more pressing matters :slight_smile: Very kind of you to offer, i’ll maybe play it later But it takes an hour? Damn…

An hour learning how to be proficient with weapons and skillsets that i’ll likely never / hardly use again - lol. Urgh…
To then pickup a wand and try to forget everything learned in the past hour & learn / re-learn the wand.

Yeah, maybe later…

Yeah, I’m disappointed I will have to level another class just to finish the mage quest. Why can’t you just complete a quest in someones seedy basement in town to unlock the mage.

Well, if you use the interdimentional basement, you can get there right at the beginning. Unless they already patched that.

Hey Trevor sounds like you misunderstood. It takes that long for runemage not the other classes.

Edit: he didn’t- I’m dumb

No I don’t think I misunderstood. He’s telling me that he’d like people to spend an hour playing other classes (it takes roughly an hour to unlock the mage?) - to learn the game mechanics and feel comfortable, By which time you would have found the witch and unlocked the runemage - and hopefully be in a better position for this more challenging character class to not ‘put you off’.

My argument being that - I’d much rather be learning / gaining proficiency with my chosen class right from the start. And while newer players / some players may find the mage difficult. It’s unfortunate that to combat this, proficient players now have an arbitrary block in front of them at the start and have to essentially waste their first few hours of gameplay with classes they perhaps do not enjoy and/or are less proficient with.

There is not much incentive to log in and essentially grind / waste time on other classes until I eventually meet the requirements and can actually start playing the game that I want to play. It’s not fun.

[edit] - In addition i’d also question, does time on bow/gun/sword really prep you for mage? Each class in the game plays so differently imo, time needs to be invested to properly understand and play any of them. I’d say having more faith in the player is needed. I realise some previous testing left you feeling that you should gate the mage. But this is only hurting mage players. [[edit]

It actually does not take much effort to go find the witch, if your careful, you can make it there without any confrontations at all.

I think you have to level a bit first to get to the witch, because else every mob you walk past in a radius of like 15 meters (50 feet) is attacking you because you are a lower level then them. a.k.a. you won’t make it alive to the Witch.

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Yeah no sorry since you used the word proficiency I was relating it to when he said it takes that long for runemage proficiency. I was the one misunderstanding.

That’s kind of a poor outlook to have on the game though- is it really no fun for you to do a couple quests, get a pet dragon, and meet people unless you can cast fireball while doing it?

If you join the discord and give me a shout I’d be happy to run you over to the witch and make sure you don’t die on the way!

Not at all - I adore the game, however I get the most enjoyment from it by playing the Runemage class. I think the Ranger is ok, not a fan of the Warrior or the Musketeer. So since starting i’ve had little choice but to explore and do things as the ranger - which is now Lv4 (4 Lv’s which could have been invested in Mage).

I finally managed to locate the witch hut, however I’ve not seen any reeds yet, and she needs 3. So I’m still plodding along as a ranger still.

I have no qualms with the game or it’s lore, I just think the class could be unlocked / accessed in a much easier/useful way.

there could be an evil looking book surrounded by runes / macabre imagery in the basement of my house in town. Reading this book will introduce me to the world of magic / dark arts that are forbidden by the village. The book will contain instructions for crafting your own wand.

This will not only allow me access to the mage class immediately - it also teaches me about a crafting mechanic.
Exploration & combat experience can then be enjoyed with my chosen class.

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The reeds are just outside the cave of the witch. 3/4th isn’t farmable but 1/4th is. There is a small difference in look between the unfarmable and farmable.

Awesome, cheers :slight_smile:

They have a little pointy part on top of the brown portion!

I’m in agreement with Trevor, I don’t want to play anything but mage. When we get reset and start all over, now I have to waste a few hours on other classes I don’t want to play to get mage. I have played every test and and haven’t played anything but mage. I do like the idea of what @Riley_D wants to do, but make it easier to get the wand so I don’t have to level another class.