Runes triggering wrong spell

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Take this one with a grain of salt as I don’t know how intentionally loose the spell forms are. I primarily use Ice 2 for hunting, but I’ve had this issue with arcane ray, pushback and darkness as well. I’ll complete the rune and instead of the desired spell either fireball or decurse will cast. I even had resurection trigger once (the only time I’ve been able to cast it lol). My frost 2 rune often looks like a backwards 4, which is may be close enough to fire 2 for this to not really be a bug.

I think it’s just pretty loose. I’ve managed to get fireball 2 with a sloppy pushback. When I try a P-like shape for the frost 2 I’ll rarely get fireball 2. I’ll very often get fireball 2 when I do a meticulous affliction 2 for some reason. So I think the criteria for fireball 2 just needs to be tightened up a bit.

The ritual spells almost always resort to resurrect for me, even if I do a very clean and slow portal spell. I’ve even been missing whole lines and managed to get a ritual to start up.

I don’t even try to make a decent shield spell. Just a line and circle or a half circle.

I’ve seen this with quite a few ruins now. These aren’t my videos or images but ones reported by many in my guild. For instance the best way to cast level 3 fireball is the wrong way but I cast it every time now that I do it like this.

But there are many spells like this for example just waving your wand back and forth gets you teleport almost every time.

Even fireball 2 can be cast by just 2 strait lines.

That’s exactly what I have noticed

I mean this is basically the core balancing of the rune spell recognition. The tighter we require the recognition to be, the less “mistakes” it will make and the closer to the “original” rune you have to draw. The looser we make the more different/shortcuts you can use to draw the spells, but the higher the liklihood that you will get a different spell than intended.

The place it’s at right now is the same place it’s been since Alpha testing, and I’m happy with where it is. I don’t think most people would be in favor of me making the runes more difficult to draw, even if it meant fewer mis-casts :smile:

Note that if you are getting a mis-cast (e.g. tried to draw Fireball 2 and got something else instead) then you did not draw Fireball 2 close enough that it would have triggered correctly anyway if Fireball 2 were the only spell available.

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Which part about that is backwards? That looks like the correct way to draw it to me.

The only thing out of the ordinary i see from that cast, is the 3d back line, which is not from center to center of each circles, looks fine otherwise ^^

I tried the teleport shortcut, doesn’t work for me…

To get back on the topic rather than making spells more difficult to draw, i would love to see a difficulty increase on “perfect spell”, but not for the one that draw it the “normal” way, but for people that draw it as a “shortcut”.
It feels pretty unfair to get a perfect cast while doing part of a “P” for a frostball 2 for example

The line goes around the circles instead of inside the circles like this
Even your ingame runes show the line should be inside the circles
But apparently drawing the line outside the circles works 100% better then doing it the correct way which i only get to work 3 out of 10 times.

I’d love to see rather than difficulty a build up of spells. Best example would be like Skyrim sorta. Basically you have FUS which later your learn you can add RO which then makes the spell more powerful when you do FUS RO and so forth till you have FUS RO DAH. In this sense I’d like to see spells become where the 2nd and 3rd version of spell build off the first in terms of drawing.

I’d like to see perfects and combos of spells would work off a voice/drawing. Allowing you to draw say a simple command like “store” while spell is cast to save it to a quick cast for later. Then be able to quickly pull it from quick cast by saying Spell1 or Spell2. Ether that or i’d like to see a offhand globe or orb that would allow you to store spells for quick casting later and you could drop or pick up spells out of it using your wand.

Same with perfects only being on a good draw and a voice on casting like fireball called out while casting it causing not only a perfect buff, but a instant use making it shoot immediately rather then having to still push a button to shoot the fireball.

I see, I misread what you write I guess, I thought you had said it was backwards. It seems to work fine for me with the points ending inside the circles as shown, but the spell recognition isn’t quite that picky.

it is kind of happening with fireball 2 ==> fireball 3, frost 2 ==> frost 3 and affliction 1 ==> affliction 2

The quick casting / storing of spell is a pretty good idea that was already put forth not long ago, we will see if they decide to use it :smiley:

Not sure about the voice casting… some people just don’t like to speak, and when fighting elites or in dungeons, i don’t really want to have to shout every spell i cast, it would just be chaotic ^^

Really i kinda was joking about this while it might be kinda cool i have a feeling to outside people it would look like

As for the spell casting I mean more towards like in sword art here where they say multiple words to cast different spells. Same with ruins like “B” would be its own ruin for fireball and then for example if I wrote B and S it would make it a stronger fireball rather than the current B with circles and a line. So that B=fireball and S=a power up of sorts so you could do the same with frost using F + S ruins would give you a Frost level 2.

I think this is an interesting aspect of the runemage. I was trying to cast polymorph and managed to cast fireballs, affliction, and a frost bolt instead. It’s like unstable magic that I haven’t mastered yet and it backfires.

One time in the desert I was trying to cast a fireball but a knock back came out instead and it helped.

I read a lot about drawing the runes from your other posts and today I had much more success drawing them than before.

I think you inadvertingly made a great proposition to make runemage more exciting: add unstable magic elements that randomly alter your spells.
Or even better, add rune additions that you can draw in addition to the original rune and that make the spell bigger, faster, more damaging or stuff. You trade draw speed for greater effect or additional effects.
With a Fireball for example, a big circle in both halves of the B could add area effect, a flame symbol somewhere near the original rune would make enemies burn for damage over time, a flash symbol would make the spell travel faster (great for L3) etc.

The possibilities are endless, this would be really great imo. Of course, be fair and add some more skill variations to the other classes as well. Warrior for example DEFINITELY needs healing-reduction attacks to deal with those pesky healer mobs.

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