Runestone locations?

Can I find a general list of these? I want to make sure that I don’t miss any…

Also does anyone have a guide of streamlined gestures for casting? I feel like I must be approaching some of these completely incorrectly.

Nope sorry, part of the fun is exploring and finding them!

Alright, but can you let me know why some runestones won’t add to my journal? There’s one right by the king stags that just won’t add. It’s a square on its side.

The lighter colored pillars with more then one Rune on them are teleport pillars, those dont get added to the journal only spell pillar (darker colored and only one rune on them). You can use the Teleportation ritual to cast the runes on the pillar and fast travel to those locations (uses a runemage reagent)

Even with the color changes, people continue to get mixed up by this. I wonder if they need to be more different.

So I never actually heard the reason for not getting the teleport spells in your book. What is the reason behind this choice?

And you definitely need to make a total different shape than a pillar if you want to distinguish between the teleport and normal spells. Maybe just the writing on a rock or wall like how the stone age people did it?

Ill see if I can get them looking differently, one way is the Spell Pillars that can be transferred to the Journal has a glowing sparks around the Rune itself, but it probably should be a more defined way of telling.

I think the biggest problem isn’t the looks, it’s the lack of explanation? Maybe I missed it (it was 1am when I was going through this text), but I don’t remember anything mentioning that there are some pillars you can’t get in your journal, so until I came across this thread, I didn’t know why I couldn’t do it. I figured it was a bug, as I’ve come across a few (like getting soft locked in my house :frowning: )

Increasing the information available about the differences between the types of pillars and making their visual appearances more unique are both on our list. Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

On a related note, are there pillars or something that teach you the rituals? I haven’t found anything in the game yet that talks about rituals at all. Is it later in the game? Or did I just miss it somewhere?

Not sure Scott. I can only guess that they wanted to make certain things in the world worth remembering. But what really happens when these aren’t added to the journal or anything in game, is that people will start writing things down and using tools to aid them.

there is a realy good way of telling the teliport pillers have 2 runes on not 1 (yes there is 1 or 2 with just one) but just put the second one on them job done its realy that simple to me :smile:

All the pillars have two runes. Sometimes the first rune is very low on the pillar, half-under ground. Look closely!

Would be cool if you could write / draw in the journal… My 50 year old mind isn’t able to memorize all the teleport patterns… And as the world grows, there will be more and more patterns to record…

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Well, I’m sure someone will eventually just post a list somewhere online and people will only remember the ones they use often off the top of their head.

You need to think fourth dimensionally! :wink:

Just take a screenshot in Steam. Then open the SteamVR menu and go to your screenshots and voila – there are all of the teleport rune pillars you’ve visited always just a couple of clicks away!

If you really want to get creative, before taking the screenshot first write a memorable word or abbreviation in the air with the wand so it’ll be in the screenshot. “GC” for Guild City, for example.

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Oh crap, I never thought of that! I take the screenshots, but then forget which is which. Thanks! I wish they would just add to the journal. I understand the devs intention of wanting you to have to remember some things, but in reality it will NEVER be that way. People will take the headset off to take notes, or take screenshots, etc. All it accomplishes is breaking immersion.

Our heads are pretty full of runes’ pictographs already. :wink:
I had the Guild City one memorized at launch, but then I hadn’t played in ~3 weeks and coming back last week I couldn’t remember it at all, took more than a couple of days to get it back in my head.

Great idea. I had not considered using the platform capabilities :slight_smile:

I still think it would be cool new feature to be able to draw in the journal too…

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