Runic Valusia overpowered heal?

I’ve been grinding out near Tree Top. It seems like the heal rate of the Runic Valusia is a bit overpowered.

At level 7, solo, I beat one down to about 30% before it started healing. Then again down to about 30%… and again down to about 40%. Each time it heals, it uses a heal over time that dramatically overpowers my attack. At the end of the spell, it’s always at full health. Eventually, it hammered through my shield and then through my hp. I eventually lost, but it was a battle of attrition.

At level 8, I found another level 8 player, a musketeer. We started grinding away on a single Runic. This one healed more often and faster than my previous experience. The two of use didn’t seem to stand a chance against that healing spell.

Am I offbase in thinking that its healing spell is overpowered?

Did you stun at all? You should see 2 of them heal a group mobs in the dungeon. They are nasty.

I do, and that helped a little. But that heal still seems overpowered, compared to what I would expect.

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Definitely feel you on that. I agree.

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