Runic Warg's escort has too much grief potential

The armored wargs summoned by the wandering runic warg have a lot of griefing potential because you can spawn them anywhere he walks and they aggro on the nearest people and then they just camp the spot. If you attacked him at the foot of Bezoula, no one in the low to mid teens would be able to get up there.

I attacked him once in the town where he starts and the wargs spawned and ran over and instantly killed someone who was repairing their armor. Which wasn’t exactly my intention, so I died a few times cleaning them up, because they’re level 19 and each summoned two more regular wargs.

I think the armored wargs should aggro on whoever the runic warg is aggro’d on. And if the runic warg leaves combat, maybe despawn the armored wargs.


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