Running away from bandits out of wilds


So the other day I was in the wilds and there was a edit known bandit there who had not attacked me yet.

I noticed him behind me and ran towards the entrance to escape… He killed himself and went to the graveyard thereby blocking me from exiting the wilds…

I thought that kinda sucked :frowning:

Is that an intended strategy?



Gotta give it to him, the fella’s crafty





Although that sounds horrible, I gotta admit I’m impressed. Total premise for a scary story!


If he had a bandit status (bounty on his head) when he died he should of resurrected at the at the jail not the graveyard, and also should of gotten attacked by the guards.


Someone who is more creative than me should recreate this and make a horror movie trailer of trying to leave the wilds. Lol.


I’m guessing he was probably orange, not red. If you are a bandit and you die, you spawn at the jail.


Yeah i knew he was a known wilds PvP from laughing coffin (was not marked as a bandit) coming from a distance and would try to engage me (i was on my mage, he is a PvP specced ranger; I think running was a wise choice).

The thing is… until he attacks me… (which of course if I know he wants to attack me) and I don’t want to attack back… he wouldn’t be a bandit. Basically it was a crappy experience.


When you say a bandit coming from the distance, are you saying his name was red?


I assume anyone approaching me in the Wilds is going to attack me. I call any potential/future attacker a bandit regardless of actual name color. Maybe the name color upon initial approach was white, but as an aggressor, still a “bandit.” I wonder if we’ll need more terms to clarify the “levels” or stages of bandit, or just start making the habit of saying name-color-bandit :thinking:


no it was a known bandit from laughing coffin
obviously had the intention of attacking… and yeah chased me through the desert. i didnt become a bandit because I didnt attack. He did. I think my point was that he teleported to the graveyard to intercept me as i was close to running out the desert.


So what you are suggesting is that either the to graveyard option should not work in the wilds or that when you do you get teleported somewhere away from the wilds?

I think the second is a good idea nevertheless.


If you graveyard, that means you drop all of your stuff, I guess there is a trade off. That tactic I guess only works if you have no items to lose. And you have to hope you go to the right graveyard.


if hiding inside walls and logging out mid fight is allowed this isnt much different

and thats to say i dont like either of those things being allowed and sanctioned by the devs


I think the confusion was that you called them a bandit, which you meant by intent but johann took literally.


Hiding in the walls is not allowed. The devs clarified that as an exploit.


I’m quite ok with teleportation death attack. Means he was not a bandit, new the layout, and was confident enough to not only get away from the guards, but also to kill you before you got there, and manage to survive a second round of you trying to hunt them down relatively close to graveyard.

I’m less ok with the 2 man tactic of the bandit taking your stuff just tacticly dying and have an companion escort the gear out of the wilds, no timer.


i wasn’t hunting him down… he was hunting me down… as i didn’t attack him and instead fled… he decided that as he hadnt managed to hit me and flag himself he could go to graveyard and stop me.


I would call that legit. You can kill him after that is what I ment, as you would spawn at the graveyard, giving you two chances to kill him.


my point was that he blocked me from exiting the wilds by killing himself and returning to graveyard. I did not want to engage him regardless. My question was… Is it an intended use of mechanics for a person with pvp intentions to go to the graveyard to block someone from exiting.


It’s PvP intent, he has not actually started the PvP yet. Knowing at what graveyard you or your opponent spawn at is a important part of PvP. It’s not a clear win at that.

I’d say it’s a valid move