Scondral cards frozen


I very often run into a bug where I cant draw cards, drink potions, or pick up loot, it happens way too much pleas fix this


I had that happen to me as well today. Cards got froze and I couldn’t access the menu using right hand swipe. Playing on a Quest. Swapping weapons didn’t do anything to help, musketeer seemed to work normal after swap. Don’t think the menu swipe worked though. Back on Scoundrel, still stuck.


Does it eventually go away after like 5 seconds if you do nothing? I have been seeing this happening in our Raid testing and so far every time I’ve seen it happen after like 5 seconds I can grab the card again. It’s like my hand will highlight yellow, but pressing Grip causes my hand to disappear but no card to appear. Is that the same thing you are seeing, or is what you are seeing different?

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I don’t remember seeing my hand turn yellow when trying to pick a card, definitely more than 5 seconds though. After it froze, I started looking through options in the menu, not because of it, just hadn’t really looked at all the options yet, tried relocating my tools, putting the cards in a better spot, lowering the compass, that sort of thing, then reset it all. Still couldn’t grab a card or open the swipe menu (button access to menu worked on left controller) I did think it was unusual that when I was messing with the anchors, that the card anchor was near my left shoulder, but my cards are on my right hip. My gun is equipped to the left hand. Didn’t really think of it before, maybe the visuals were skewed, if it happens again I’ll see if my yellow highlight shows up in a different spot.


sometimes it goes away if I put my hoverboard back on, however usually shortly after fixing it the problem gets worse and I cant even touch my cards or pots they just freeze up completely this is something that needs to be fixed it is extremely frustrating and happens all the time…please fix

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I can also confirm that this happens often, I haven’t seen it happen often in combat, but I do see it all the time outside of combat, like getting cards ready before attacking.

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