Scoundrel cards bugged

There are times I can’t pull cars from the deck. Sometimes I can change classes and then switch back and it will work but occasionally that doesn’t work and I have to log. I just wanted to put it out there that this was an issue. I’m on a quest1 if that matters.
Thank you.
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I have had it happen on a Quest 2 as well. Switching weapons works for me.

Yeah class switching works like 95% of the time but I’ve had like two or three times I’ve had to log because the cards wouldn’t pull. Once in airship and once after teleporting to flooded.

Happens all the time for me. Have been mass sending bug reports about a year ago and stopped doing it. Because no pattern to it for the devs to fix it. Rift cv1 for me. Not quest specific.

Thanks for reporting this, like Scott mentioned, this is a known issue and we intend to look at it more. It has been notoriously difficult to reproduce in our test environment.

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