Scoundrel curve ranking requires too much power to get a high rank


A thing I notice as a Scoundrel is that when I curve I always do it with as much force as possible. Because if I don’t do that, the curve will be either a very low rank or no rank at all. This is not too much of a problem for myself. But at the same time I noticed with some other Scoundrels that they are never able to get past rank 2 or barely 3 sometimes. No matter how hard they try with force and distance with their curves. I think the minimum velocity needed to get the max curve rank is too high tuned and scares away some ppl who are unable to get a high rank. Maybe a combination of headset related and power of the user is preventing them from curving that much. I seen a very steep curve from far away still count as a no-rank from a quest user :confused:

If you look at the video my beginning curves are definately curves but they do not count as a curve by the system. Only when I add more power to it I get a higher rank. Until I completely try to smash my controller like throwing a baseball, then I finally get a rank V. This is too high tuned and I hope this can change so at-least a few more ppl start playing Scoundrel on higher lvl.

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I find the same thing and thought it was me. Which VR set do you use. I have Rift


As someone that doesn’t play scoundrel, watching that video doesn’t make sense to me.

the curve is the same every shot apart from the speed/force you have swung your gun. the angle of the curve hasn’t changed, the distance from the dummy hasn’t changed, the height the bullet has gone up then curved back down hasn’t changed(?), just the force of the players hand swing has changed. has it always been like that? does the angle of the shot not change with different gun swings?

is it the max curve amount possible being hit (120 degrees?) every shot but the ranks only activate on more aggressive arm swings rather than curve amount x distance?

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The angle changes very slight. But so little that you can’t see it with the eye initially. That is partially why the curve ranking system is also broken now… max is 90 degrees. but if you curve more aggresive the 90 degrees is reached earlier.

(I play on rift)


We found out that the way the ranking system works is based on how much velocity the gun is moving, not how much you are curving. So you don’t even have to curve to get a rank V in theory if you just throw your gun in a forwards motion. (Really awkward to do though xD)

So the velocity threshold needs to be brought down or the system needs to be brought to a curve detection instead.


That’s pretty interesting… I sometimes don’t get any rank from vertical curving, not even a 1, tho the curve looks pretty steep/correct, might explain that. Horizontal curves are no issue, but I use my whole arm like playing tennis and thus have necessarily more force. But yea I frankly don’t like the whole mechanics of vert. curving, aka dropping bullets onto mob’s heads from above. It feels awkward, stresses my joints more than horizontal movements and inside dungeons by now I noticed just same space restrictions like w horizontal in many situations. I test all curving stuff with moving mobs and for me vert. curves neither worked out in dungeons nor in the overworld. All I got to work for series of consistent rank Vs is the horizontal curves in boss fights, and on trash which is real far away w lotsa space around like in airship.
But good to know that force plays a role, if it stays like this the class is as dead for me as the ranger since I can’t do that for physical reasons… but it might help others and indeed be the root cause why horizontal curving high ranks worked for me, but never vertical.


so i think its safe to say that scott lifts :wink:
since he is a good scoundrel


So that monk class with a ranged option has been hiding under our noses this entire time?!

Edit: also explains the weird detection issues I had at one point that I thought were glitches.

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So I’ve noticed that if I swing TOO fast that the bullet shoots straight instead of curving at all, will that turn into rank 5 then?

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Probably xD (had that problem sometimes too). I already did some straight shots that turned into rank 5s yesterday.


This video’s pretty good at showing how arbitrary it is. I’d also consider starting with your gun pointed like 90 degrees to target as a datapoint.

most of these concerns have been discussed as early as beta threads. There is a lot of variety between headsets (WMR, rift, vive, quest, rift S?) due to tihngs like trigger detection timing, motion tracking etc, so there’s definitely some of that.

Previously devs have stated and restated that it had to do with curve, distance, and size of target. But as many note, it often feels like the exact same shot back to back yields more variety in rank buffs than that would allow so speed and violence (some would say starting gun angle) seem maybe to be the poor mans way of guessing curve behind the scenes, and that in practice it’s completely inconsistent.

All the down/up/sideways makes it a bit tricky too, as the game in general struggles with verticality (like the inability to hit things shooting uphill etc, so who knows if there’s some variation there)

I haven’t logged in for months, has anything changed with scoundrel since the ‘damage nerf, curve buff, net nerf’ thing?


No nothing changed since then. They attempted together with the damage nerf a change of the curve detection system. But that resulted in a broken curve system were full aggresive curves from the max possible distance still became a rank 4 max xD so they reverted that. a.k.a. nothing changed. They also attempted in fixing the broken scoundrel card deck becomimg ungrabbable and fixed half of those cases. But it still happens. Thats about it.


I presume that this meant velocity, but the first thing that came to mind was avid yelling and flailing.

Like, I thought we were talking about scoundrel, not roid warrior.