Scoundrel Gun Jamming


Hi, I’ve been meaning to make a recording of this forever. I’m not sure if this is a bug or just human error, but I’d like to get the dev team’s input on what might be happening here. In the video, I’m attempting to press the trigger uniformly across all shots (release trigger, then pull 3 times), but sometimes the shot just doesn’t go off. Obviously I can’t press it perfectly consistently all the time, but at the same time I don’t think I’m varying it enough to get into the range of the trigger pull not working because I’m pulling it too soon after the last bullet has fired.


happens all the time with no apparent reason


yeah, you can also just empty the whole gun and see the same thing. It’s something to do with the reload timer tick conflicting with firing so you either line up with the reload timer or you don’t and stutter.


Yeah, that’s what it seemed like to me as well.


Does the same thing with the critter capture gun. Drives me crazy!

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Hmm yeah we’ll have to do some more testing with this one but I get what you’re saying. Probably just a timing issue like @Frank_R said. We will do some investigating to get this resolved as soon as we can. Thank you for the video and feedback.