Scoundrel Shot Rotation


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Doesn’t seems completely reliable to me, and please refrain from making most so often, there are probably several threads you could have just plopped this in If you wanted to

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No, if I wnat to make a thread about it I will. This has been tested for hours by multiple people. There was no need for that toxic statement


But why did you post it


Because it’s useful and I wanted to


Lol, use all cards, uhu. And I think you may need to count the duration of your curve shot buff…
May need more testing.


literally what is posted in the Super Friends Wiki ages ago. unnecessary thread, do you have some need to post a new thread everyday and get it closed?


Thanks for posting. What I am currently doing does not seem to give the most I can possibly get out of each shot. I will try this and see what happens.


Charging takes that long that in fact at trash I often start with charged shot, if possible curved, but if too risky or too close, then normal; just because I had a downtime in between groups and it also places the buff, for example on an elite, for the rest of the group. Not charging during running to mob groups is a waste of time and once engaged they are down too fast to make the charge worthwile.

Cards: Sadly “always throw up cards” is what most scoundrels I talked to do, due to the slowness of the deck, Mobs or even bosses are gone before you can combo properly, so it’s not the worst strategy to use what you get.
However you don’t normally need Frost, so that one you can burn to buff whatever comes next. Healing does nothing much, so you can stack it for emergency; or, if you get a poison, you can spread it amongst groups by burning your healing-card (happens not too often tho, fights are over too fast, again, to get this done at a proper time…).

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Again no need for the toxic attitude. Obviously I didn’t know that and it’s useful to know. Thanks for the information.


I agree, but why I said it is I’m not sure if I included it but with the tile set for this rotation you never burn. Like they activate for any healing given or done (as in the light card)


I did not see tilesets yet which refer to any card rotation. The reason is that their randomness hardly gives any patterns for these. Scoundrel tilesets I saw, so far, include timing runes, first of all, and those for charged/normal shots which also proc if you use the one or other card in between. If you take alot of damage (but you normally should not) a tile for healing is put in because you get healing from the healer in group, healing which comes from your card is pretty much the big exception.


That’s what dontattack told me and I trust him. It’s these


Yeah, but they aren’t great, I’ll see if I can help him with some new ones

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What’s not good about them? I know nothing about tiles I’m not trying to be retarded. They seem to prok often enough


If you know nothing about tiles why are you making a post about a tile set?


I’m agreeing with @Andrew_V, if you dont know anything about it, dont talk about it as if you do. And making a post as if its the best rotation when having verry little knowlage about the class is a odd thing to do.


I used the method as described in the Rotation post and my damage had increased. Thank you :pray:


I’m not saying it’s the best rotation. He wasn’t clear so I don’t know what he means. If you are not going to contribute to my threads, leave.


What post? The one where I asked or where I showed him what tiles I have?