Scoundrel super ability sucks and shaman totems


Just putting my opinion out there but the scoundrel special where gun turns yeller and shoots closet target to u…omg its caused more problems than being helpful and imo finding the closet mob to u is not a super ability lol…a damage boost would be more helpful or anything I promise u I can see or find the closest mob to me and i cant curve when its active which imo hate curving technique and the timer on it is to fast…id say 75% of the time I trigger it accidentally and 50% of the time when it is triggered im outta bullets so have to wait and by the time I got a charged shot the special is over or bout over…scoundrels use gun…so doin head shots or perfect heart :heart: shots per say should be our “curve” imo…and shamans I’m liking just here recently seems in having to rethrow totems before they stick. Lately seems when I drop my totems or throw em to set em out I have 4 on waist but like I have 6 even 7 at times cause of some didnt stick so ha e to replace


In regards to shaman:

Welcome to the suck