Scoundrel super fix

I have a few points:

  1. A scoundrel worth his salt won’t need homing bullets at all, and deffinatly not ones that shoot the nearest target, usually the one right in your face, that you wanted to avoid, and have no showing off buffs on.

But it we have to have this, can we at least get that the automatically give a showing off buff V so we don’t end up doing less damage then without the super?

  1. Pvp is still glitched. Circles nearest persons name until they disappear. Needs a full rework for pvp has 0 effect and makes you unable to hit a enemy for the duration of your super.

  2. Targets nearest thing, even if your not in combat with it. Including worldbosses…


The scoundrel super is unbelievably bad


It’s not bad, it useless. Sure for low levels who can’t aim but for end game scoundrel like us we are sitting here with a 25% buff. If you are charging a shot and burning a card while the ult is ready, you’re screwed. Maybe an option to have a different ult?

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The Super is more than terrible and useless, it is counterproductive and nerfs the class.

Some Ideas of new Scoundrel Ultimate:

  • What about making it so you have no ammo limit for a small period of time? :thinking:
    I don’t know if this would be too OP but as it is currently I agree with the others, It’s way to bad…

  • If you make it as it currenly is but you have like a spread shot or whatever so you can hit multiple targets at once, no misses.

  • Just a simple DPS boost.

Just some ideas I hope would help come with any new ideas for this ultimate :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’d be cool if the ultimate was changed in a way that added a dependence on player skill. The current ultimate (if it was just fixed to work on your current “target”) removes player skill dependence.

I’d love to have something that took time to master - separating the great scoundrels from the rest. It’s hard to be an impressive scoundrel cause the game doesn’t allow it. Where as mages, it’s hard to be an impressive mage because it requires time to master but it isn’t prevented.

So yeah, that’s my 2 cents. Id love to see the ultimate changed to something that’s effectiveness was dependent on player skill.

I think scoundrel as it currently is, is already very high skill requirement. Its hard to be an impressive scoundrel just as it is hard to be an impressive mage. More ppl are drawn to mage though.

Not opposed to the super depending on skill, but just saying it is already a skill gap class. But way less obvious then mage and a way more obvious of a stopping point of possible improvement.

So ya other then that fact, I am for a thing that increases skill. Would be a nice to have whwre ppl get drawn to the class.