Secret Mandarin Lessons!

I figured it out! The mage role is a secret method of teaching us to write Mandarin for the Chinese Invasion! I haven’t figured out if we’re writing secret military information or cursing, hmmmm… :smile:

Ni hao!
wǒ búhuì shuō zhōngwén

Ok, how good is my Google? Google says that you said “Hi! I can’t speak Chinese!” :smiley: Am I even close?

Your Google is first rate!

Bié dānxīn, wǒmen dà duōshù rén yě bù huì shuō zhōngwén, dànshì wǒmen kěyǐ ràng Google kāiwánxiào!

(Don’t worry, most of us can’t speak Chinese either, but we can Google for the joke!)

If you put this back into Google Translate, I think it’s funnier too.

(Do not worry, most of us will not speak Chinese. But we can make Google joke!)