Self-Healing Mobs and Musketeer

I realize and accept that Musketeers are not a damage dealing class, but I’m running into self-healing mobs that I out-level but cannot kill and are incapable of killing me. I was shooting at one of the starting zone mobs for about 5 minutes to complete a quest, and regardless of what I did the thing wouldn’t die. I even popped my super and couldn’t kill it. It got to the point where I just walked away and had to search for help to kill this thing.

Can we please get a limit on how many times these sorts of mobs can heal themselves? In it’s current state it’s not threatenin or challenging, just annoying.

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Are you talking about the jungle mob or the alma sprite? For the sprite, it will teleport then do an aoe where it damages you and heals itself. If you jump outside the aoe, it won’t heal.

The jungle mob is an entirely different story.

I think he means the skog trolls


I played musketeer during the open weekend a few months ago but I’ve been ranger recently. Does the stun from the gravity orb interrupt the heal if you time it correctly?

From what I remember they were always annoying, but the right timing of poision and weakness orbs it was do-able.

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