Separate Map from the Journal!


Separating the map from the journal could help with two things. First, it would make it easier and faster to access the map rather than flipping through tons of pages to find the map. Second, it could make it possible to have an interactive map, rather than a static page map. This could also allow for zooming in on the map to more easily read location names, which I have a very hard time reading the small text names of locations, and to see paths, and maybe directions to active quests.


The entire journal needs cleaning up after playing for a while, but I suspect it is already in the works. Different books or categories needed for spells, quests, maps, class information etc… Its a lot of pages to flip through =)


I like that my position is not marked on the map but it would be nice to have some tabs on pages for map, spells, quests etc.


Even a simple reorganize would go a long ways. Why are spells in the middle? Once a mage reads those they never read them again. Put them at the back of the book with the warrior combos.

Why are the maps at the back of the book while the quests that use the maps are in the front? These are the 2 most used sections. Put them both at the front.

Quests > maps > journal entries > potions > artificing > spells > tutorials.


A good solution IMHO is for the Journal to have bookmarks sticking out which jump to sections in the Journal:
Quests, Maps, Spell Runes, Lore, Recipes, the beginner class tips…


We definitely have Journal improvements coming in the future, it’s on our todo list.


To add to the suggestion: I know some people might hate this idea, but I love the idea of having an actual wizard spell book, a map scroll, and a separate journal. Journal can always stay under the compass, but the spell book / map scroll should be ‘equippable’ on your hips similar to the pickaxe and potion.

As an adventurer, I’d likely be traveling with my spellbook and map openly, until I arrive at a dungeon, where I would swap the map for a potion.

I’m sure there are higher priorities than simple aesthetic differences though :slight_smile:


Great suggestion Chris, that was exactly what I had in mind when I started reading this thread :clap:


I’d much prefer it to just have tabs and stick to one book. Got enough stuff on my belt to juggle =)


I want to be able to look at the Journal, then look at a map on the side and draw out the route that I will take. All of this without having to move hands, just by looking in a different direction. Tabs would go a long way but having a map I can take out as a separate thing would be great.


We’ve got another weapon slot. Just treat the spell book like the shield in the sword/shield combo.

That assumes they don’t give us some off hand feature with the new class changes.


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