Server Patch 5/25/21- Hardmode Raid Adjustments

I got a video of a boss 2 kill if that helps, strategy detailed in description.
Basically we had to use the plea of divinity on everyone and even then only finished it with 2 players remaining

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With regards to the bug on boss 3 sky portals still spawning adds when being cleared with the bomb: The current theory is if we don’t stay under it long enough it spawns adds. -we haven’t extensively tested that yet and it may still spawn adds if you sit under it from start to finish.

Also another issue, The person clearing a bomb can get targeted by the falling sun. 9 times out of 10 that leads to there death and currently we need 100% of the dps alive to kill the 2 consume minions in time. This means its a wipe or a forced rez.
Is falling suns dropping on the player with a bomb intended?


The bomb seems to be randomly cleansing early, if this happens and you notice the bomb cleansing prematurely, you can shoot the orb in the sky before adds spawn but the timing is very tight. Obviously not working as intended in those situations. Other times if you don’t get cleansed early but stand slightly off center of the beam, you will be cleansed and still summon the adds.

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i think it went like the falling sun will not go after the bomb cleanser if he doesn’t attack anything but the bombs, and for early cleansing if anyone notice it happen and can call it out, you have a better chance of preventing the bomb from spawning adds

Our group had it cleanse while at least 1 full diagonal teleport away from the sun before the beam even started…

Yep, I should have specified that it is cleansing randomly at some crazy ranges, like two teleport distances. Unless you are watching the bomb person and the orbs somehow, it’s difficult to stop the adds from spawning if you were originally leaving the orb to cleanse the bomb.

I hope the devs already know this but I haven’t seen it mentioned on the forums.
On boss 4, the 2 AOEs that drop on players can be invisible sometimes.

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