Server restart needed

The game has recently become a new level of buggy. We think a complete restart of the server would help.

Getting it from these clues:

  • Personally I had like 80% of the times my pally pips not update on hits or raises. (which is way more then the 20%-ish chance before)
  • Heard people in the same raid complain that normally don’t complain
  • Heard everyone agree in that same raid its worse.
  • Noticed many more buggy things while walking around in player house and other areas. More often disappearing chests.
  • Battegrounds 100% chance on restart for myself on start battlegrounds.
  • Getting stuck in places again after existing special instances high in the sky. More often then normal. (normal around 10% chance. Now more like 30%)
  • Have another person complain that normally does not complain in a separate scenario on a separate day. Which asked specifically if the server ever restarts xD.

Soooo please see if a restart helps.

@Game_Master @Jake_E @Outlander_Robert


Ya, I’m jealous. My pips don’t work about 90% of the time lol.

Just replying here that we’ve seen the post, we have started restarting the server on a more regular basis (once a week with the last restart being on 7/22). I can post here with the next restart date and time, and see if that makes a difference directly after a restart?

I’m also curious if you experience these problems on only your main account (that would have more items, quests completed, items, data, etc) or on alts also?


That would be helpful yes :slight_smile:

I will have to watch out for it next time. Havent really keeping track of alt or main desyncs. (although my alt has alot of stuff and missions too heh)

And hopefully others will too now.

the game in general is just more laggy. I know jt isn’t my computer because I can run games like elite dangerous on steamvr (which should lag a lot more) completely fine. orbus has been a constant 60fps and a whole lot of delay with paladin pips, ghost casting, and bard crescendos not firing.

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