Server-Side Restart (3.11)

In approximately 30 minutes we will be restarting the server to apply a patch to help with potential issues around disconnects and getting stuck in zones. Just a heads-up.

The server has been restarted. Thanks!

I know this was discussed a while ago, but now that there are hundreds of people online at any given time, it may be worth revisiting the notion of some form of in-game announcement system: “ATTENTION PLAYERS, THE SERVERS WILL BE RESET IN 5 MINUTES, ESTIMATED DOWNTIME IS 30 SECONDS! PLEASE MOVE TO A SAFE AREA”.

At present, it’s often hard to know if it’s a deliberate reset, a computer issue, a network issue, or other, and I think it may be contributing to the player reports of being disconnected. It can also be super frustrating if you are in the middle of combat and come back dead, etc.


Yes that is definitely on my list to add in. Sorry for any trouble, I normally try to avoid doing a restart during the busiest times. Which this is.


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