Server-Side Restart

We just issued a server-side patch and restart.

This adds some additional logging on our end to help track down a few issues, and also we now have the ability to broadcast a System Notice to all players in-game, which we will use in the future to let you know if we need to do a server restart.



Awesome, love to see the system notice!

So the server patch does seem to have helped quite a bit with some of the lag and congestion we were seeing, I’ll continue to keep an eye on it, but just FYI hopefully if you were having lag in things like casting a spell and then it taking a second to show up and that sort of thing,it should be better now.


Just did one more quick restart to fix another potential issue heading into tonight. Hopefully the new System Notices worked and you were notified if you were in-game before it happened. Thanks!

oh so broadcast isn’t you guys audibly telling us the game is being reset? was hoping for a voice of god moment “this is your creator the world is going top sleep in 5 minutes” etc

Haha, no, it’s just a notification that should show up on your screen. I did one for 10 minutes til restart, 5 minutes til restart, and 1 minute til restart :slight_smile:


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