Shaman Feedback


I’ve been playing the shaman class lately and here is what I’ve noticed.

The gameplay turns out to be:

Throw out your “Fire Aoe” Totem
Throw out your “Stun”,“Fire”,and “Lightning” totem on top of each other in melee range to the enemy
Spam grip where the orbs to spawn so that the “Auto Launch” feature aims at the enemy

You get punished for throwing at range because the cooldown of the orbs don’t go off till the orb hits the enemy and not when thrown.

There seems to be 0 benefit from throwing the orbs at range as it’s a DPS loss and unreliable. The only time you need to is when you are forced to because of the mobs moving.

No shield totem yet still.

I’ve had a couple times where the Fire and Lightning totem don’t respawn on my belt (or the 2 middle slots).

Trying to grab loot bags and or the orbs are tough because of the tool belt in your way sometimes.


Remove the cooldown of the totems on your belt. Why am I punished for placing my totem since I have to wait for the orb to respawn anyways when I replace the totem?

Give our left hand a 30sec cd spell like the Paladin’s raise hand where it instantly spawns all our orbs so that we can like stun twice if we need to and for BGs we don’t have be sitting ducks when we start a fight and have to wait for them to spawn.

Make the orbs AoE if they miss and explode on the ground so that we can strategically do some AoE damage and we aren’t 100% punished for slightly missing an enemy.

The more air-time an orb has the better the damage? So that we can have a reason to play at range and throw?

Make the orbs go on CD as soon as you release the orb from your hand?

Can we also make it so that placing the totem is grip from the belt and grabbing/throwing the orbs is trigger? Its annoying to press grip to throw to the point where I have to lower my hand on the vive controller to comfortably press the grip constantly.

I’ll try think of some other things later.