Shaman Mechanic Idea

As most know, Shaman… is not a mechanic heavy class. I would love to have the class more mechanic heavy and add some difficulty.

First, totemic call is a great talent, but where it sits, strikes twice is a far far better option. If we could put totemic call in tier one and replace one of the stun options this would be great.

Now, the big mechanic that could give Shaman some real fun but reward play could be some kind of positionals.

For example, the Shaman would have elemental phases. during fire phase, the Shaman would have a damage boost if attack from the front. During ice phase the Shaman needs to attack from the side, and during lightning phase the shaman would need to attack from behind.

This is where totemic call would also come into play. You would have to throw your totems around the boss, teleport to the totem and start dpsing from there. The phases could work like a buff. Fire slowly depletes, and when it does, lightning buff starts. ect. They can also be timed with shaman totem re-spawns.

This is a rough idea but I could see much potential to make the Shaman class more mechanically fun.


Sounds to me like the totem orb re-spawning rate would have to be awesome to be able to re-deploy the totems constantly and be able to dish out all my orbs as to keep the tiles proc-ing.
Also this sounds like more of a mele shaman, i’m not sure i would still like to play it if it was that difficult.
Maybe I am not seeing the whole picture either.

Shaman is about as close to a Melee DPS as we can get. The closer you get the more DPS you end up doing.

I mean, I can already move around quite a bit with shaman orbs the way the spawn now. So that wouldn’t be an issue. If the phases are timed with totem re-spawn rate, it would be up to the player to get that timing down. You could ignore the phases all together and do the same dps you already do now. Or become a better player, do the mechanics and increase your dps. Shaman as of now has too low of a skill cap. Every other class has increasing difficulty which also increases dps. Shaman however does not.

Perhaps, Shaman is my favorite class and has really allowed me to learn the mechanics alot more than Mage (Where I was mostly concentrated at just trying to cast) I can imagine that new players might agree that VR is so overwhelming in its self that learning the game takes time and there is a learning curve to have in order to become a good player. Shaman is that class. After 2 years in game, new at mmo… It’s only lately that I am finally seeing everything that I didn’t see before in game. I think it’s perfect the way it is for those reasons. :slight_smile:

It’s the constant moving around part that bugs me. I hate to have to constantly re-deploy my totems.

You don’t use All In and Strikes Twice talent? :open_mouth:

You already have to re-deploy every time they spawn to maximize dps. If you aren’t doing this, your dps is going to be significantly lower. There are also a few boss you have to run around for. So this also shouldn’t be new. And with the totemic all change, running around would be much easier. And as I said. You could ignore all these new mechanics, and do the same dps you already are doing. I’d just like to see added mechanics for more dps and skill

No, I love my teleport talent but I agree I should be using the other one and teleport should be a default thing for shaman…

I move around enough already and it’s already hard enough to get dps in. Especially when I take agro, I then have to tank the thing and the dps goes out the door. Anyway i said what i had to say, i’m not here to argue.

this would give some much needed complexity to the class


This does give shaman a lot of complexity but without proper balancing, this would just be a boost to Sherman’s already over powered damage output. The only reason I’m not really complaining about the mage being over powered is because normal players would almost have to practice for weeks before you can spam fireball fast enough to keep up with a shaman a week into playing.

For this one to work you would almost have to nerf Sherman’s stand still and close range DPS output.