Shaman orbs....again

Shaman orbs - most notably lightning - are having slight respawn issues again. Not as bad as before the patch, but it’s happened to a couple of us since the new Highsteppe came out.


@Mathieu_D There is also the issue of musketeer orbs doing nothing when shot, most notable is cure wounds and shield(yikes). And I have been having a lot more issues with shield bugging out (the U.I. Not updating) so at times I have no idea if it’s broke or not. Also Paladin, U.I. not updating so I’m having issues knowing when books or Paladin shield is usable or not or being activated at all.

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After trying shaman again I also noticed that the orbs are not spawning sometimes anymore.

I also noticed a new “bug” which made the playstyle of shaman different. It used to prioritize the orbs you grab with your hand in the order you place the totems down. Now it just grabs random orbs if multiple orbs are inside each other. This causes tilesets to fuck up. Which is a bad side-effect for the dps of the class :confused:


Noticed this a well, it is messing with my Shaman tile sets. :frowning:

We’ll look into these issues, it’s possible something about the second fix messed up that behaviour.

With regards to the issue that happens sometimes when you are holding an orb when another spawns, could someone post a clip of it? We’ve been unable to reproduce it on our side this time.

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Been having this issue too ^^ With musky, that is.

But, Ive found a slight work around. And its not really a great one but it seems to make them bug out significantly less.

Essentially, all you need to do is just to go a bit slower. Whenever you shoot and orb or shot and then pack another orb in really fast, The game doesn’t register that you put an orb in there, But still ends up spending it without any effect.

So try that, Because its worked for me. And its a shitty work around. But better than letting those orbs go null.

There’s a new fix for the shaman orbs in the patch coming out in about an hour and 15 minutes, let us know how it looks after that.


So far looked like the orbs always respawn. Its alot better :slight_smile:

Still had reports of the totems themselves not spawning on the ground.

Also, why are the orbs so slow to spawn initially on the totems. We have to wait for the totems to appear on our belt, then wait for the orbs to spawn on top. Doesn’t matter on boss fights, but all other fights all the other DPS has them killed and then have to wait yet more for the totems to reappear on my belt. No other dps class has this issue of a double wait time. I understand down time between throws for them to respawn, but not when we initially are putting a totem down.


Yes, I posted a new topic for muski also as it’s getting almost unplayable in high level shards and raids. Musky (Muski ) Musketeer’s issues in Orbus - Bugs and Technical Issues - OrbusVR Community

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