Shaman Pseudo-Rework

Alright, let’s get right to the point-- Shaman, while really good, lacks depth. It’s the most brainless of classes and is only outclassed by the very best runemages. You never see people pick right side talent tree because it hinders DPS, which is what people play shaman for(if not for rupert). It’s clear the left side was made for PvE and the right side PvP, but there’re simply better choices for pvp than right-side shaman. I’ve spoken with many, and we can all agree, right side shaman talent tree should be part of the classes base kit. They’re not compelling picks for talents when you could just have stupid DPS.
Now, the topic of balance comes into play. Shaman is the go-to DPS class for those who don’t wanna spend a copious amount of time in Highsteppe spamming fireball 2. As we’re all aware, ranger and scoundrel are simply inferior and in dire need of buffs. Giving the 2nd best class a buff would just make the gap even wider. Of course, this could be the perfect time to buff scounrel and ranger, or nerf shaman and runemage(for the love of god, nerf runemage). I don’t have any suggestions for what a new right-side talent tree would look like, so hopefully the wonderful folks that stalk these forums will be so kind as to suggest some below. But yes, tl;dr, shaman right-side talent tree should just be integrated into the base class, and maybe should see some nerfs in DPS or whatever as a result.

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i also think that shaman lacks depth, and is the class you play to do big damage very easily

ranger and scoundrel both require more skill to get their potential dps and in almost all cases still do less than shamans.

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I agree with you
While it’s not too hard for me to hit 40k+ with ranger it’s so much easier with shaman
You just sit there and click click click
With something like ranger and scoundrel, even mage if you’re advanced enough, you need to think and really work at it


I actually think a nerve to mage is not the right path, but instead a boost to other classes max dps instead. Why? Because content has already been run and beaten in times that will be impossible if mage would just be nerved.


I like the shaman, especially because it’s a class to chill out on and sit down, at times. However, the topic of not being complex enough was brought up often and still there’s pretty different levels of shaman dps. Your “skill” is not only speed with replacing totems - in the order that tiles pop -, but first of all, timing (ex lava totem should not be thrown blindly, like, when a group is almost down) and positioning. Also good shamans can hit anything from further away, needed at certain bosses and in the overworld.
Where you position yourself and how you survive, ex. casters with mutations like wild creatures is a key thing only available through practice.

On top of that you can hardly play only shaman since many bossfight-group combos are not fit for it, so a dedicated endgame shaman will always want to have a ranged dps, additionally. Same with the overworld, it is by far not easy to run around and farm without pulling everyone and his pet, the shaman can be a more complicated class to play than others there, due to positioning and handling his AoEs carefully.

So yah the tree could go to base skills but then what. What would be the alternative, this is pretty unclear in that post, imo, if talents are removed to base new talents would be needed. Now the nerf has nothing to do with talents, that’s a different topic. If other classes are too weak in comparison, they would need to be buffed, the other way round it would just annoy a whole number of people enjoying classes as they are, currently. After the last mage-nerf a quitting wave followed (and, Scott’s point, it would make beating old records pointless, except a content, gear-level etc. update comes same time).

What do you mean I pick only right side. Then again I only care about the movement speed because I don’t play shaman. Still think it does need a rework though.

i also disagree with nerfing runemage, but agree with buffing some other classes, primarily scoundrel and ranger

Get good kid.

Runemage is 100% a very strong class in the hands of the right player. Does it need a nerf? Eh… Do other classes need a buff? 100% Right now, top mages are pulling 100-130k. I think a top ranger and scoundrel should be able to hit around 100k, right now they can’t even get close. Barely over half that.
Shaman’s however, for the ease of the class is in a pretty alright place. If they fix totem breaking and buff Rupert, honestly the shaman is in a fine spot. Maaaaybe a slight buff, as right now I average 50-80k dps depending on crits. So maybe a higher low end would be better, like a 65-85k spread instead.

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what shaman needs in my opinion is complexity

honestly if ranger gets a buff im happy


Not gonna lie, but 50k-80k is already high enough for the class. Currently ranger is the lowest but clearly the design should have been shaman the lowest. Only by a little bit though. Which is still pretty darn high dps.