Shaman Talent - Reach needs a small tweak/upgrade

Currently you have to point at a shaman totem w/ reach to grab an orb. This requires you to point then rotate your hand upward to “iron-man” the orb, then back down again to grab the next orb. While good, and this mechanic should remain, it would also be beneficial to register when the player’s hand is facing upward / at the sky and be able to grab orbs from the “iron-man” position, thus removing the wrist twist. Very minor QoL but I think this is more consistent with the gameplay that shaman has, since this mimics what you are doing while sitting in front of the totem.

I imagine some people “iron-man” sideways but the issue with this is creating a decision conflict with a totem to your side. The top of your hand might be pointing at a totem to your right while your palm is interacting with a totem in front. Both are valid, creating a conflict. However totems should never be directly above the player in normal combat situations. In cases of a rare/bugged conflict, the orb that is closer to the player can be selected first. -or- whichever orb is more centered with the players view and allow iron-man grabs from any position, deconflicting this way.

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