Shaman Totem Bug? (not the disappearing orb)

Apologies if this has been mentioned already.

On all classes apart from Shaman, the health bar and weapons disappear when you put the weapon away. On Shaman the totems and health bar stay visible permanently. The only way you can tell that your weapon (mask) is out is because the items on your belt are hidden. Strangely it doesn’t seem to make any difference whether your weapon is out or not, you can still use your totems as normal.

Is this intentional? I would’ve thought that the totems would disappear as soon as you put your weapon/mask away. The totems really get in the way when you’re trying to grab things from the environment.

im not sure if its intentional or not - i know the dissapearing belt items is to help with actually using the totems in battle, cause if the belt items are there you could pick them up instead of firing your orbs.

i found it did help to adjust where they were sitting, so that they werent quiet in the way…your relocation anchors in the menu.

This is intentional and was originally implemented this way because the class works pretty differently from other ones with weapon sheathing.

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OK, I can understand the reasoning behind it.

Can you turn off collisions on the totems when they’re still hovering in front of you (not yet dropped). One problem I have is when doing the portal event in HIghsteppe, I grab the crystals from the arrows, try to throw them in to the portal but they bounce off my totems. I appreciate I can change the anchor points but it just makes no sense for things (other than your hands) to interact with the floating totems.

Another problem I have is the orbs themselves having collisions turned on. I like to drop my totems all close together but sometimes I want to drop another totem when two are already down. If I try to drop a totem when an orb is there, the totem bounces off the orb and can sometimes end up much further away than intended. Again, I know I can get around this but it’s just really annoying.

Yet another problem I have with the Shaman is the delay in your totems appearing when you switch shards. I guess switching shards has a similar impact on other classes (for example, the Musketeer’s orbs) but I think Shaman is the only one where you literally cannot do any damage whatsoever. You have to wait for your totems to spawn and, when you drop them, you have to wait again for the orbs to spawn (which, as you know, doesn’t always happen).

I have to say I’m enjoying the Shaman a lot more than I thought I would but I can understand why it’s one of the least played classes at the moment. Sure, the disappearing orbs don’t help but the class in general just feels awkward to play, even when you’re not in combat.

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