Shaman Totems - dead zone

Noticed since the update on the 28th, the Shaman totems seem to frequently create a dead space, causing us to have to lean quite a bit to reach our orbs. All the shamans I spoke to tonight noticed it.


Hi, can you elaborate with what you mean by a “dead space”? Do you mean like you aren’t able to grab orbs always from the same distance?
Would you be able to provide a clip of this?

We double checked and there has been no changes in yesterday’s update that should affect shamans or totems.

It seemed there was something preventing us from stepping close to the totems once placing them. Seemed better when I was running a shard earlier today, but I’ll see if I can get a clip of it next time it happens.

Aah hitbox blocking your walking. Check if your mount is not blocking you (yes this is possible)

Is it maybe the new broom mount? The Horse mount has the exact same problem. Try walking off a ramp with it and you will immediately get f’ed.

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This seems to be working normally again. Maybe it was just a weird post-update lag thing.

I have been playing with some shamans and I am usually stopped from walking through their totems. It is annoying when trying to dodge projectiles.

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